Location & Activities

Jammerbugten a magnificant an unspoiled nature.

The nearest beaches to the cottage is Thorup Strand, Grønne Strand and Slette Strand. Here you will find a magnificant and preserved nature with dunes, heather and pine wood. The sandy beaches are very broad and the road to the idyllic Svinkløv Badehotel, where you can enjoy a lunch, dinner or afternoon coffee and tea with an unbelivable selection of confectionary. (unfortunately the hotel burned down in 2016, but is under reconstruction).The nature here invites you to relaxe and meditate.

Jammerbugtens magnificent countryside offers good opportunities to get out and move. You'll find excellent trails for both biking / MTB , hiking , running, horseback riding, canoeing and beautifully designed golf courses . Read more here: Active holiday in Jammerbugten

The Beach

It is a 15 minutes walk to the beach, which invites you to discover the nature of Vesterhavet. Yoy are not allowed to drive the car on the beach, but you will find sufficent parking space right infront of the dunes. From the beach you can still see the fishermen traditionally dragging their vessels in and out of the surf.

The Nature

The nature is unspoiled and rough formed by the changing weatherconditions.
Close to Svinkløv Badehotel you will find a concrete road(Svinklovene) made by the Germans under the second worldwar while the were constructing a stronghold covering the coast from north to south of Jutland. Reminecense can still be seen on the beaches. At this place you will find the tallest dunes in Denmark reaching as high as 60 meter above sealevel and you will have an impressing sight from here.

Excursions and activities

For hitchhikers this area has tremendous opportunities and if you are more to angling you can try your luck from the beach at Vesterhavet, from the piers in the harbors or in Limfjorden at Aggersund. If you want to be sure of the fish you can also visit some of the Put & Take lakes.  Fosdalen, is an expirience with its outstanding nature. A stream is cutting through the valley.

From the cottage there is 4 kilometer to the golf club Hanherreds Golfklub near Fjerritslev. Or you can visit the castle (Kokkedal Slot), The goat farm (Mohair gedefarmen), The RAKU pottery (RAKU Galleriet), the local museum (Limfjords Museet), and much much more. This area is famous for its artist and craftsmen, who often have open exhibitions and sell directly. You can also visit the tourist agencies homepages in Brovst and Fjerritslevs. or visit Nordsoen Oceanarium, -  Faarup Sommerland -  or Aalborg Zoo.

You will find a number of attractions here